Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I know Christmas is over but,

I was asked to post some close ups of the stockings that I made. Hope you Enjoy!!!

(click on pics to enlarge)

Tracy and I had a great time sewing these it took me a bit longer on mine I just couldn't figure out what I wanted. I made two others decided to scratch those and changed the plan and this is what we came up with. Not one of these is the same. I used burlap with a felt topper. The doilies where all hand crochet by my mother, I found the trim online and at different antique stores. The ornaments came from Hobby Lobby and Cracker Barrel. I love the way they turned out. My sister loved them so much I am now making a set for her. Fun stuff!!!

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  1. Fabulous, just fabulous! How big are they? I would love to make some of these, and maybe if I do it now, they will be ready for next Christmas! LOL!

    Jamie H