Monday, March 26, 2012

Pallet Fun!!

Sorry it has been so long since I teased you all with this project, it is complete and ready for its debut. Here is what she started out to be:

and here is what she is today:

I just love the way this clock turned out.

 I started by taking apart a pallet, then I lay ed  all the boards together and nailed them. I then used a big circular saw blade that my husband had as my pattern for the circle I traced it on an filled it in with some cream paint. I then used a little stain over the cream to give it a vintage look. I printed out roman numerals from the computer using word, cut them out and traced them on to the clock face and painted them in with a brown paint. I bought the clock hands at Hobby Lobby and my darling husband drilled out a hole and installed the hands for me.

 I have it in the spare bedroom and I think it looks great!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Bad case of the DON'TS

I have had the worst case of the don'ts. I just don't want to do anything here lately. A great friend and I joined a gym about a month ago and that has really been the only thing that I have done productive. Weight loss is such a journey in and of it self. I am hoping that this journey will get me to a slim and healthy weight and off of my blood pressure meds. Blood pressure issues run in my family and I hope that with weight loss I can keep it under control with out the use of medication.