Monday, August 22, 2011

Great Surprise

My husband surprised me with a trip to Fort Walton Beach Florida for our wedding anniversary. We had talked about several places to go to celebrate and Florida was on the list. I had been there before and have always wanted to take him and show him how beautiful it is but, he was never interested in driving that far just to see a beach. Raised here on Texas Galveston beach is all he has ever known, he thought all beaches look the same. Boy, was he surprised when we walked out on that crystal white sand for the first time. I wish I had my camera to catch his expression.

We had such a good time!! On the last day of our trip we went out deep sea fishing. The water was so clear.  The boat took us out 22 miles off shore.  We had a group of dolphins come up to the boat and escort us out it was like in the movies. Once we got out there you could see the bottom of the ocean. The boat hands told us it was 150 foot down which was unbelievable. There were fish and jelly fish everywhere.  Marcus and I caught 12 fish.
Here are a few fishing pics:

This is a red fin hog fish that Marcus caught, we wanted to keep it but, the boat hand said we had to have a permit for it and an aquarium we could not eat it,  it was a protected fish. 

This is a pic of every ones catch of the day there were 40 people total out there fishing with us.

We can't wait till next year so we can take our kids.


  1. You two look so happy! I'm so glad you posed pics for us all to see.

  2. What a fantastic trip and what great photos!

  3. I hope life is treating you like the star you are!! I loved seeing the pics of you and your hubby on the beautiful beach of Florida!!! Please tell the kids I said hello and that I wish them a wonderful year!