Wednesday, February 8, 2012

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Linky Follow Tool

Google is discontinuing Google Friend Connect this March 
for all platforms except Blogger. It is also a strong rumor
 that they will also cancel GFC for Blogger  in the near future.


Some of our terrific Blogging Friends got together
 and contacted Brent, the man behind Mr. Linky.  
He has created a new Linky Followersplatform 
on which we can connect with each other.  
 I’m still using GFC  since I’m on Blogger, 
but I think this is a great new tool to have 
 to stay connected with non-Blogger friends and, 
who knows what may happen to GFC in the future.

It's easy to sign up, you just follow his clear instructions. 
 Plus, you don't need a blog to sign up either. 
 Brent’s  service is free and he has included some neat options:
  • View the blogs you follow
  • Read follower posts from your list or on a scrolling feed
  • Group your followers
  • Mark your favorites for quick access and viewing
  • Plus, it’s much easier to follow back someone who is 
  • following you (unless you use the "random" set up
  •  on how you want your friends pictures to appear) 
  •  I choose the newest to appear at the top.
  • Plus you can even "feature" a blogger!
    linky followers 2

    Non-Blogger users will not be able to transfer 
    people from their GFC followers and will lose
     all of their Google Friend Connect friends.   
    Don’t take a change of losing your followers 
    when GFC goes away for non-blogger platforms. 
     Sign up for Linky Followers now and give your
     followers have the option to follow you this way. 
     This also offers your followers who are
     not linked to Blogger an alternative.

    Another important thing, Linky Followers won't 
    ask you or your followers to sign up for any unneeded 
     or unwanted service, and Brent isn't using or selling
     the private information collected from use of his tools,
     unlike Google, Facebook, Twitter, Etc.  Who needs
     another service to spread your personal information all over the web?

    You can  use the link above or the link at the bottom 
    of my Linky Followers gadget on the sidebar to take
     you directly to Brent's service.  After you sign up,
      won’t you please sign up to follow me in the new
     widget on my sidebar, right under the Followers 
    widget, just below  the Google Friend Connect sign-up.  
      You may also opt to sign up on GFC, if you are still
     affiliated with Blogger.   I’ll be keeping 
    that for as long as it’s available. 

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