Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Heavy Metal My Way

Tracy and I had a blast in Round top!!

 We stayed at a very cute and cozy bed and breakfast in Fayetteville Tx. called the Honeysuckle Gallery. The Innkeepers Jerry and Jeanette were so nice and very hospitable. Jeanette made us a wonderful breakfast both mornings. We really had a great stay with them. 

I had a few things in mind that I was looking for and I found just about all of them and more. I like the more rusty, crusty, chippy vintage look. That is how I like my heavy metal. The junky look as my mom would say.

 I was looking for old window frames to hang an arrangement on. 

I found these for a bargain $15.00 for the pair. I love the metal on the one an the color and the six panes on the other. 

Next I was after a container for an arrangement for my kitchen table. I wanted something that was light weight and something that I could easily exchange the arrangement for each season. I wanted it rectangle in shape. 

This is what I found, it is a wire basket that was used in a chest freezer. I like the handles on it, I will be able to tie ribbons and different things from it.

Now the hunt was on for and old iron bed frame for my sons room. He is away at college and has taken all of his furniture, so I am making a guest bed room out of his room. I want to decorate it with antiques, not the refinished kind but the junky kind. His room is kind of small so I was after a twin size frame. We looked everywhere and found lots of full size not very many twins and if we found a twin it would be twice the price of a full. The last day turned up the jewell of a deal I noticed at the back of this booth was a bed frame and the price tag was hanging but was bent right behind the second number on it, all I could see was $20 thinking it was $200.00 but thought I would check it out just curious. Well sure enough their was nothing else on the paper so I found my iron bed for a heck of a deal. It is however a full but for that price I can make it work.

I was also looking for a couple of the old lanterns the metal type with the oil and wick. I have seen them on Pinterest all in a group hung over an outside table and wanted to do the same for my back patio I did find one with the most awesome patina. So I am still on the look out for some more. 

The next find I really got for sentimental reasons. I really wasn't looking for it but it found me. I noticed these chairs all over the place and would glance over at them and would remember my Grandparents sitting in chairs just like these at our family reunions. We would drive up and their Grandma and Grandpa would be just rocking away waiting on the family to arrive. I found this one in the same booth that I found my bed frame and again a heck of a deal $15.00. What a bargain. 

I picked up a few smaller items a wooden spool with copper wire on it just thought it was cute, I was also looking from a handle from a little red wagon I want to use it to hang a arrangement on my back patio I couldn't find one but I found this old weed wacker thing that will work just fine. (when I make this I will share it. It is a cute idea but hard to describe so stay tuned for that).

I had such a great time and can't wait to go back. 

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  1. I was with you when you bought all of this good junk, but it was fun seeing the pictures and your descriptions of it all. I'm still in envy of your bed!! You better put that thing away or it might go missing ;-)

    It was a great trip Dusty! So glad we finally made it to Round Top...can't wait to go again in the spring ;-)